No law books teach as much as practice does.

It's hard to provide a brief summary of the specializations of our law firm. To give real solutions that you will be content with, we have to be like experts in more than a few fields of law at the same time. I say "be like experts" because the lawyers profession is not about being just an expert. An expert tells you what is right or what is wrong, like a mathematician, and tells you what the law says to a given situation. But an expert will definitely never provide you a solution for your problem. A lawyer not only has to know what's lawful or not lawful like an expert, he also has to know how to understand your goal, and reach that goal.

The difference between an exceptionally talented law student and a professional lawyer is the approach, the methodology.

1./ Every case starts with an inquiry or request of the client if we can help or assist them with a case. Though we're constantly available on the phone as well, we never go into details on the phone. These initial informations are  precious enough for us to keep record. We usually ask people that call us, to send us a brief summary in e-mail.

2./ Cases start with, and sometimes get solved with a consultation. After clarifying the topic in e-mail, we offer clients an appointment for consultation in one of our offices, for example the main one found at the heart of Budapest. To set up easy standards in legal consulting, these preliminary consulting sessions are priced at a flat rate of 38.100 HUF to be paid in advance. In our practice, one or more parties on the session may join through Skype or FaceTime, so that distance and borders don't matter.

3./ If the case requires more than a consulting session, our legal team plans a strategy and forwards it to the client, including the planned workflow, the deadline, the result and our attorneys fees. These terms and conditions are composed in the form of an agreement. If the client accepts the content of the quotation, our attorneys fees is expected to be settled in advance. We provide money back guarantee for the result and the deadline. After the attorneys fees enters our accounts, the participants from our side complete the workflow. Our senior partners inspect every case and in the end, we issue a verification of fulfilment, which means the task is completed. 

Even in projects involving teams of lawyers and experts on our side, you'll be assisted by and keep in touch with one partner from our side, to create a solid foundation of confidence and trust. We don't point fingers on each other in the office when you ask if something had been done. The partner we assign to you, shall be in charge with everything that you may ask. This has been proved by life to be a very effective way of working together.



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„Before I met them, consulting lawyers meant general answers, improvization without really understanding my case, for a high lawyers fee. As their client I have understood what difference they make: my private lawyer at Varga Attorneys is prepared by the time I arrive to the office, and understands all it’s aspects. This way, we can start discussing the solution immediately.”