Dr. Detre Varga

Founding Associate Partner and present CEO of Varga Attorneys at Law. He has spent 5 years at the oldest and most renown University of Law as a tutor in criminal law, and completed a PhD absolutorium after earning his law degree with summa cum laude qualification (2006). He speaks english, hungarian, german, turkish and italian fluently. He is expert in corporate law, contract law and immigration law.

Dr. Imre Varga

When he earned his law degree at Szeged University, Hungary was just about to transform from a socialist system to a parlamentary democracy with free competition. He has already been a successful lawyer when the years of the change have come, helping to broaden his knowledge and experience in civil law, real estate law and business law. He has opened his law firm in 1985, and has been elected secretary of the Bar Association in 1995. From 2010, he is president of one of the regional bar associations in Hungary, forming the main organ of the National Bar Association.

Süleyman Serdal Balkanli

Serdar Balkanli was born to a lawyers dynasty in Turkey, with cypriot origin. He earned his law degree in the renown university of Famagusta, in multicultural environment. After becoming a lawyer he realized the future of international relationships and studied international business law in England. He could have started in the family law firm, but he was seeking for challenges at an international law firm where he had to stand on his own. After years of successful practise, he has joined the family law firm.