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  1. need to consult with a hungarian lawyer
  2. are interested in forming company or doing business in Hungary
  3. would like to get a residence permit for the whole EU (Schengen states)
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  1. Forming and managing a company in Hungary
    We believe that Hungary in the heart of the European Union may be suitable headquarters for your hungarian, european or global business activity. Managing a company from 100 EUR per month paying 5% tax only from the profit shown in the books is simply incredible but true. Get in touch and find it out how…

  2. Buying, selling or renting real estate in Hungary
    Rich natural resources and a cultural heritage combined with modernity make Europes most booming real estate market. We are your guide to buy and sell real estate with a 10-70% profit per year, or buy and rent with a return of 7-10% per year. Foreigners may buy real property without permission.

  3. Staying and working in Hungary with a residence permit
    A residence permit in Hungary is a title to stay, travel and work in the whole EU, approfiting from the advantages of a maintenance fee of as low as 500 EUR per month, including insurance, registered adress and all taxes.

Core teams management
Dr. Varga Detre Founding partner of Varga Attorneys at Law. He has been a tutor at university for half a decade, completing a PhD absolutorium in corporate crimes. Despite years spent at the court aspiring to be a judge in the field of corporate crimes, he has finally chosen the way designated to him by the family tradition: he has become a top tier business lawyer specialized in civil law-, business law-, immigration law and tax law. He speaks hungarian, anglish, german, italian and turkish in an advanced level.
Dr. Varga Imre Earning his degree at Jozsef Attila University he may boast with more than three decades of experience in business law and civil law. He has been elected to secretary of the bar in 1995, and remained in charge with this position until 2010, when he was elected, and later re-elected president of the bar. He considers simple, straight solutions the best, and believes, that a legal dispute isn’t over till it’s over.
Süleyman Serdar Balkanli With both parents in the legal sector, he represents a turkish-cypriot lawyers dinasty, familiar with international law. Earning his degree in the famous Famagusta Lawschool, before joining the family law firm, he has studied international commercial law at Cambridge. He is good hearted, brave and generous with clients, and relentless with opponents.

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